January 2022 Newsletter!

Happy New Year!

As we prepare for the new year, our wish is for good health, happiness and lots of music education. We are very concerned about the Omicron variant that is spreading.

We will be watching and monitoring the situation for safety. The rules remain the same as they were in the past. Please wear your masks and sanitize your hands. We will take student temperatures and sanitize the instruments and the rooms. Social distancing will continue and we ask parents to wait in their cars. Winter Break was a wonderful time to celebrate the holidays and refresh for the new year. We want to thank everyone for the lovely gifts you presented us. We can reduce the chance of exposure to the Omicron variant by offering virtual lessons for a few weeks if necessary. We prefer “in person” lessons whenever possible. We also offer virtual lessons when students are in quarantine or just not feeling well.

Please keep in touch with us as we move through this turbulent time. We appreciate your kindness to keep us all safe. Always update us on your health situation. Don’t send a student if they are not feeling well or have signs of cold, flu or Covid.

Looking to the future, we are hoping to have our yearly formal recital on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The place will be determined as we monitor the health situation.

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