We use the Piano Adventures by Faber and Faber as the basic teaching method for our piano instruction. This series is one of several recommended by the London Royal Conservatory of Music. We follow a step by step teaching method with the Lesson Book, Performance Book, Technique and Artistry Book and the Theory workbook.

Additional music is added as needed depending on the progress and ability of the student.

When time allows theory games, music notation, ear training and sight reading are added to the lesson. The “Composer of the Month” is discussed and a portion of their music is played for appreciation and recognition.

With the piano being the most basic instrument to learn both treble and bass clef notes, and music theory, we encourage students to also try playing a variety of instruments to interest them in the many available instruments to study and appreciate. We explore the harp, the steel drum, the autoharp, the thumb piano, the small lap harp, the boomwackers and other string instruments of interest.

A scheduled practice time is a positive way to progress from level to level and to improve musicianship technique. Young students should play each assigned song twice and add a favorite old song to each practice. As students advance the practice time should increase. Since practicing is an isolated activity, parent participation and encouragement is important. Even listening from the kitchen or another room and commenting on the piece the student is playing has benefits!

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