Spring Newsletter 2019

Happy Spring to everyone! Out Annual Recitals were a wonderful success. We are so proud of our talented students and the progress they are making. We also appreciate everyone being patient between recitals and will be working on improvements for next year’s recitals. Photos of all the students who approved their photo release will be played on the television at the studio. If you would like to watch it let Miss Katie know and she will happily play it for you.

Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! Our next holiday closure will be Good Friday and Saturday which will fall on April 19 and 20. Please mark your calendars.

Please inform us in advance when you will be missing a lesson. We will do our best to reschedule your lesson, but we do not guarantee reschedules. Most of our teachers’ times are filled, so reschedule times only become available when others call in and time slots are available.

How Music Lesson Practice Helps

If you attend a weekly 30 minute private music lesson, you will learn. If you practice the pieces several times between the lesson, you will learn faster. The practice reinforces the lesson. If you do not practice, you will still learn but at a much slower pace. Learning music is a step by step process.

The steps move faster with practice.
A good rule to follow is to play the pieces two or three times each as often as you can during the week. When possible listen to the student practice and complement them. Tell them the song you like and ask them to “play it again”.

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