Spring and Summer Newsletter 2021

We hope you have viewed the virtual recitals and have enjoyed them! We are proud of each student’s performance.  Recital time is a special time to perfect a piece to the best of the student ability.  Thank you to Derek Suomi and Jeremy Gonzalez for the recordings and the posting.

As we approach the end of the school year, we are so hoping that life will be back to normal soon.  Hopefully, as everyone gets their shots, the herd immunity will take over.

We still feel the necessity for masks, distancing and sanitizing.   We also take each student’s temperature at each lesson.  Please don’t come if you don’t feel well. We’ll let you know when we can remove the masks.

Our studio is cleaned and sanitized after each student and daily. We appreciate your kindness in waiting in your cars, while the students have their lessons.

We are open year around and are happy to work around your summer plans.  Your time slot is yours to use as you please.  You may drop lessons at any time you might chose but your time slot will be given to someone else when you give it up.

Our goal continues for us to present the love of music and the appreciation of music history and literature.  The benefits of music education are so valuable.  Thank you for trusting us to instruct your students.  We also enjoy our adult students.  Thank you, everyone.

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