Newsletter – Summer & Fall 2019

The school shopping is done, and the new schedules are firmed up. We are happy to adjust your schedule if you find it necessary. We hope your summer was enjoyable. It does go too fast! Family trips, family gatherings and vacation resorts are all fun and relaxing.  Many of you kept your summer music schedule and found you had extra time to play your instrument or sing. It is very noticeably when you come for your lesson and have had extra time to play. 

We are here to make your music experience enjoyable. You may come to lessons to learn a specific instrument. The experience of music study expands the mind and relaxes the body. The self-pride of completing a nice piece is satisfying. We are proud of all our students and their musical accomplishments!

Our manners Tea party in July was a nice experience for everyone. We enjoyed many treats from around the world and drank lemonade tea. The manners were very polite with many “pleases” and “thank yous”. Children were trained on the proper way to eat with chopsticks. We practiced with marshmallows. Using all china dishes, we enjoyed the tea and treats.

Ms. Loretta
Owner and Director

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