June Update

We look forward to our summer schedule with school being out for summer vacation.

Please let us know your summer vacation and travel plans. Any open time slots will be given to new students, so please think about your school schedule for August. If you need a schedule change, please let us know now. It may take a few weeks to find another time slot, but we usually find a way to work it out for you.

During the summer, we may have several open slots for reschedules. Please call the front desk if you would like to reschedule a lesson.

Summer is a nice time to focus on a new piece and to catch up on music theory. It is a good time to review old pieces. If you have company coming to visit, offer to play a few favorite pieces .We plan on offering several places to perform this fall. Our formal recital will be the last Saturday in February, 2019. It will be held at the Springs of Suntree Clubhouse.

Please visit our web site at creativemusicart.com as it has been redesigned and updated. Click on Recital 2018 to find your student. We are also on Facebook and always appreciate a Like.

Happy Summer! Have fun! Enjoy lots of Music!

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