Happy 2021 from Creative Music!

Horray for 2021!  Here’s hoping that we can eventually get back to normal, without our masks and social distancing.

We are so appreciative of our wonderful students who are continuing with their music lessons.  The virtual lessons are a second choice, but we are pleased that everyone is continuing with their music education.  We apply all the safety rules for those of you who are attending in-person lessons at the studio.

We are noticing that our students are practicing more and are getting their lessons crossed off each week.  Being at home more does make a difference. It is important to set up a practice schedule now that we are through the holidays.

We do notice that some students are using instruments that need to be upgraded. Small keyboards are acceptable for an introduction to piano lessons. If the student shows an interest and has musical ability, then they must have an upgrade to a keyboard of 88 keys with sensitive touch for dynamics and phrasing. A pedal is also necessary.  An upright piano or a spinet piano are nice choices also. They do take room, so measuring is important before getting one. Your teacher can help to lead you in the right direction for a full size keyboard or used piano.

As we look forward to the New Year, we wish everyone happiness and  good health.  The study of music leads to many benefits that carry through life skills.

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