August Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter
Our schedules are firmed up and we are ready to start a new school year! Many of you took fabulous summer vacations and everyone enjoyed a leisurely summer schedule. This was also a relaxed time for our teachers to plan their summer vacations and also to schedule medical issues that needed to be attended to.

Our focus this new year is to improve sight reading and technique in both theory and performance. As our students are very busy, practicing time is always an issue. Students will learn just playing from week to week and lesson to lesson but it is a much slower process. Just practicing the weekly lesson 10 or 15 minutes whenever time allows will improve the progress immensely. An at home routine is the best way to fit in the practicing. It can be before homework, between homework, after homework or on weekends. Asking the student for a special home recital time is a nice way to review and keep up the favorite old pieces. Use the practice time as a relaxing time to reduce stress from homework. Music performance can be used as a way to relax and destress. We will be planning events for the students to perform in. Our annual formal recital will be Saturday, February 23, 2019. Please mark your calendar now.We will keep you updated on all events.

Thank you for your interest in music education and letting us guide and direct your student or students.

Ms. Loretta
Owner and Director

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