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Fall Newsletter 2017

It’s back to school in August! The summer has been marvelous for parents, students and our teachers. We are ready to firm up our schedules and settle into our fall schedule. As school schedules change, we will work with you to find a lesson time slot that best fits your schedule.  Please let us know if you need a different day or time slot.

As we get back into a routine schedule, it is a good idea to plan your music practice time to fit in with homework and other activities. We are pleased when each practice includes playing each assigned piece twice and then adding one or two review pieces that your student enjoys playing for fun.

Our teachers all have a passion for music and teaching and we love watching student progress from year to year. We have a wonderful staff at Creative Music that work as a team to offer music education at its best.  We want our lessons to be inspiring, fun and have positive results.

Music lessons teach our students important life skills. Discipline, cooperation, teamwork, determination, goal-setting and leadership are all skills that develop with ongoing involvement with music privately and in school music organizations.  As we celebrate the musical growth of our students, we also must remember to celebrate what fine young people they are becoming, as caring citizens and kind and thoughtful human beings.

Don’t forget to check our website to see pictures of our recent recital and local events that we participated in. www.creativemusicart.com We are also on Facebook and would appreciate a Like!


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